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Hey now! Welcome to this relatively safe space on the internets for Michael Williams and David Coggins. If you know us then you know that we like good people and companies who do things well. We like good Italian wine but have questionable taste in beer. Central Division is where you’ll catch up on our newsletters and our podcast. That means travel, men’s clothing, wine, and, yes, golf and fly fishing. It’s a big world out there, but welcome to our small corner of it. We’re glad to have you here. Welcome to the game.

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Hey now! Welcome to Central Division, home to The Contender and A Continuous Lean. This is our place where you can come for our take on travel, men’s clothing and suspect beer.


David Coggins 
Author of THE OPTIMIST: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life (Scribner), MEN AND MANNERS and NYT Bestseller MEN AND STYLE.
Michael Williams 
The Contender meets A Continuous Lean.